Meet Our Team

Mits Ota

Mits is a Reader in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences. He is primarily interested in how we learn the sounds and words of the languages we are exposed to during childhood and adulthood. Visit his webpage to find out more.

Barbora Skarabela

Barbora is a linguist interested in child language development. She is currently working on an ESRC-funded project that examines the role of baby-talk words in early lexical learning. She is also working on a project on the acquisition of pronouns in English.

Anna Zhigareva

Anna is an undergraduate student of Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh and aspires to do future research in Developmental Linguistics. She is intrigued by language acquisition and bilingualism in children.

Annie Holtz

Annie is a 4th-year undergraduate student of Linguistics and English Language with interests in phonology and second language acquisition.

Angel Garmpi

Angel is a 3rd year undergraduate of Linguistics, interested in bilingualism, social anthropology and sociolinguistics

Adela Bartlick Salcedo

Adela is a 1st year undergraduate of English Language.

Karolina Gago

Karolina is a 1st year Linguistics and Social Anthropology student.

Brandon Papineau

Brandon is a 3rd-year undergraduate of Linguistics with interests in language attitudes, heritage language maintenance, language acquisition, bilingualism, pragmatics, and morphology.

Euan Adamson

Euan is a 4th-year undergraduate student of Linguistics and Social Anthropology.

Lisanne Go

Lisanne is a 4th-year undergraduate student studying Psychology and Linguistics.

Yuqi Qin

Yuqi is a 3rd undergraduate student of Linguistics.

Katie Dryburgh

Katie is a second year undergraduate of linguistics, with an interest in phonetics and phonology. She is currently interested in using her degree in the field of speech and language therapy.

Cliodhna Hughes

Cliodhna is a first year undergraduate student of linguistics.

Former members

Judit Fazekas

Emma Healey

Victoria Lindström

Aitor San Jose

George Starling